Working at EECI

At EECI, we believe that our employees play a crucial role in our success. EECI’s policies are aimed to nurture our employee’s passion, motivation, growth and interests. Having a dedicated and efficient work force helps us excel in our customer relations, technology development and product quality.

Keeping this in mind, EECI offers it’s employees:

  • A demanding and challenging work environment
  • Advanced tools and equipment to excel in their allocated tasks
  • Long term stability and opportunities to grow professionally
  • A feedback mechanism to improve EECI’s internal processes
  • Recognition of milestone completions/achievements
  • Flexible employment options and monetary support for professional training
  • Open door policy to approach executives and the management

At EECI, we are always growing and looking to achieve more. This can only be done with the help of an elite work force. If you are an individual who likes to solve challenging tasks and are committed to keep learning, please get in touch with our employment department [email protected]

Working at EECI Working at EECI