portable hardness tester

The mobile SONODUR 3 is robust, suitable for industrial use and specially designed and built for rough everyday use. It has a high functionality level similar to that of modern smartphones. The powerful energy concept has up to eight hours of battery life in continuous operation.

The software of the SONODUR 3 is based on the future-proof Android platform with almost any expansion possibilities. The device is thus ideally equipped for daily use as a “workhorse” in hardening and industrial plants with outdoor operations as well as for tasks that are increasingly being discussed today in connection with comprehensive communication in production lines, keyword IOT.

The SONODUR 3 masters the evaluations of the hardness testing methods UCI (Ultrasonic Contact Impedance) and the rebound hardness testing according to Leeb:

In the area of UCI hardness testing, the instrument works with cable-connected probes of the SONO-H/M/S series. These are available in different versions and test loads. Hand-held probes are available in the standard test loads 10 N, 30 N, 49 N and 98 N. Motor probes are available in 1 N, 3 N and 8.6 N versions. For tripod probes, there are test forces of 10 N, 49 N, 98 N.

The sensors for rebound hardness testing according to Leeb are connected wirelessly, via Bluetooth with the SONODUR 3. The SONO L rebound sensors are available in the D-C/D/G version.

The mobile high-tech all-rounder is used for quality control in incoming goods and during production, as well as for rapid hardness testing of metallic materials after heat treatment or surface processing. The system is also excellently suited for hardness testing at positions that are difficult to access and for mobile weld seam testing in confined spaces. The layer hardness measurement with several measuring points and its easy adjustment functions on almost all fine-grained, homogeneous materials round off the SONODUR 3’s range of applications.


  • Industrial-grade, rugged design: Permanently available
  • Multitouch software design based on Android: Easy and intuitive handling of the software. All information at a glance by means of graphical display of measured values and tolerance thresholds
  • Data transmission via WLAN, Bluetooth, USB: Well prepared for future tasks
  • Large, flat and armored color display incl. protective foils: Long service life, easy to clean
  • Maximum flexibility: SONODUR 3 has the largest range of UCI test probes on the market
  • Unique combination option with Leeb sensors via Bluetooth: 2 in 1 concept
  • Standardized test method: UCI method – Our expertise for your safety

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