Horizontal Bench Units

Horizontal Bench Units
  • Contact shot for Circular Magnetization & Coil Shot for longitudinal magnetization of parts
  • 4500 Amps AC & 5000 Amps FWDC
  • Fabricated Frame (M.S.) with splash guard & wood grill assembly
  • Stainless Steel circulation tank of SS304 grade material with Turbulence Agitation System, Mono-Block Pump, and Hand Nozzle
  • Rugged construction for reliable magnetic inspection. In-built power source with infinitely variable self-regulating current control
  • 5 turn 300-mm. dia base mounted coil
  • Pneumatically operated headstock with a footswitch (100 mm stroke length) & rail-mounted hand-operated tailstock, both with steady rest for heavy job handling
  • Analog Ammeters with calibration facility
  • Control Panel with push bar assembly
  • In-built AC decay Demagnetization facility
  • Black color Inspection hood of resin for uorescent wet particle inspection of jobs under ultraviolet lights. AC / FWDC changeover by selector switch
  • Magnetization of time controlled by logic control PCB
  • Current assurance indicator with audio visual facility