Demagnetizing coil

Demagnetizing coil
  • Demagnetization is an important component of Electro-Magnetic Crack Testing. Residual Magnetism in test samples is an issue for many users and the Industry demands increasingly better demagnetization values.
  • Where workpieces are subjected to a magnetic field due to a Magnetization Process – as part of a Testing Method, Processing, Or From Magnetic Lifting Equipment-a Residual Magnetic field will remain in the component after the field-generating source has been disabled (remanence), which must be neutralized. Eliminating this Magnetic Residue will help to avoid negative effects during later processing or when using the workpieces.
  • The EECIFLUX coils are made of black Glass-filled nylon. It is equipped with a Press to ON / Press to OFF footswitch and 3 Mtr long power cord and (400mm x 100mm) flat base, allowing the coil to stand in a vertical position.