Vertical Bench Unit

  • Suitable for inspection of Aeronautical heavy duty circular component such as Bevel Gears, Flange Rings, Hubs & Discs.
  • Non Contact magnetization, therefore finished component can be tested.
  • Output 8000 Amps FWDC & 5000 Amps AC
  • Circular, Radial & Longitudinal Magnetizing.
  • Multi Directional magnetizing using a central conductor and induced current magnetizing.
  • Rotary Turn Table for ease of inspection.
  • Maximum diameter of component can be 1000 mm. Weight up to 100 Kg.
  • Center conductor with pneumatic clamping for firm Electrical contact.
  • Available in standard as well as customized models.
  • Designed and developed as per the specifications of clients.