Digital Ultrasonic Double Rail Tester DIGISCAN DS- 329M DRT

  • Capable to detect transverse defects in rail head including Gauge Face Corner Defects & field side defects & horizontal defects of head, web & foot web junction.
  • Scanning of both rails by seven probes of left rail and seven probes of right rail in a single run of testing.
  • Multi-Channel with two/four multi time base line in a common screen display.
  • Seven different color signal display on screen of seven probes.
  • Individual LED display for individual probe signal.
  • Display on screen, real time and date along with signals & facility to save and appear on print-out.
  • Built-in Multi plexure and odometer in the display unit (UFD) and run by use of one common. continuous 8 hours working fully charged battery.
  • Measure the distance of flaw location in track as well as flaw location in rail.
  • Storage capacity of 200 A-Scans, flaw patterns & 15 cal sets.
  • Special facility to display, freeze & store vertical & horizontal movement of flaw signal of angle probe.
  • Facility to transfer the stored data to PC and pen drive.
  • Light weight, robust, sturdy & portable.