Multiscan SR-08 SRT

Multiscan SR-08 SRT
  • Multi-channel, multi-colored time base, split-screen with large TFT display
  • The screen displays A-scan pulse-echo & B-scan simultaneously during a single run of rail testing
  • Capable to record A-scan defects, envelope in real-time along with data setup and continuous B- Scan recording
  • The facility of location stamping Km/m/cm by a digital encoder and GPS (latitude & longitude) recording Real-time recording duly synchronized with satellite clock
  • Facility for offline recreation of A-Scan defect echo envelope display from recorded B- scan
  • Facility to download recorded data from SRT to USB based Pen-Drive
  • Facility for recalling & viewing calibration setups, stored A-Scan defect echo envelope & B-scan recorded data
  • Capable to scan railhead transverse defects including gauge face and non gauge face corner defects and horizontal defects in rail head, web and foot wave junction
  • Facility to record 200 nos real-time A-Scan defect echo envelope and to record continuous B- Scan of 50 km rail length corresponding to A-Scan echo
  • Facilitates storing of 10 calibration setups
  • High accuracy of detection of rail defects
  • Equipment is user friendly, lightweight, handy and robust