Continuous Strip Chart Recorder in Advanscan AS­414

EECI introduces “Continuous Strip Chart Recorder in ADVANSCAN AS-414.

This New Generation Ultrasonic Flaw Detector Advanscan AS 414 is provided optionally with a
unique & powerful feature “Continuous Strip Chart Recorder” (CSCR) for convenient on site use
during normal scanning procedure.

The advantage of “CSCR” is it’s intuitiveness at a glance, it presents big volume
scanned data in a simplified and manageable form. It presents discrete information of scan pattern
with minute details in a simple & user friendly format. Just enable “CSCR” during job scanning to start recording
and on scanning completion, saves the recording in internal memory which can be later transfer to PC for
generating report or analyzing the scan data.

It’s capability to store 20 scan files each of upto 60 minutes make “CSCR” ideal for scanning welds,
tubes, bars, plates or where it is essential to create documentary evidence & maintain records of the
test carried out for future reference, storing, archiving & report printing.

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