EECIFLUX Mobile Power Type Equipment For Magnetic Particle Inspection EF-4000/EF-6000

  • Unit is suitable for working on AC & HWDC as test currents.
  • Rugged construction for reliable magnetic inspection.
  • Heavy-duty castor wheels make it possible to carry unit anywhere on the shop floor.
  • Detects surface as well as subsurface defects.
  • Capable of detecting defects in all directions using prods, Central conductor or 5 turn coil.
  • Inspection can be done with dry as well as wet method.
  • Equipment confirms to international specifications.
  • Thyristorised self-regulating current control with closed loop feedback for compensation of voltage fluctuations, electrical resistance & Prod placements.
  • Thermal Overload relay switch.
  • Remote control option for convenience & productivity.
  • Equipped with two output ports of 230 V, for attachment of backlight and AC/HWDC Yoke.
  • Push Button for automatic AC Demagnetization.
  • Provided with heavy-duty bolt type connectors, Switch over from AC to HWDC is manual.